Underwater Photography

Pictures and videos from the famous Red Sea in Egypt, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and diving paradise Koh Tao in Thailand!

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Firestaff & Firebreathing

Image Galleries and videos about the risky Firebreathing and the ravishing Firestaff! Shot in Switzerland and Australia.

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About me

I enjoy the challenge of capturing interesting pictures under difficult circumstances - scuba diving gives you just that! When browsing through my galleries, you will be surprised what creatures inhabit the world's reefs, an exceptional biodiversity that is only a few dozen meters below surface, but unknown to many people...

On the other hand, I provide you with a selection of images about fire. Performing with this element requires a great deal of concentration, a mistake will easily result in a scar, but the joy you get from a good performance is definitely worth the risk.

Water and Fire: two elements that surely aren't as opposed as widely perceived. Both hold the power of live and destruction and - if handled well - will offer you memories you will never forget.

Florian Zeiter